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Top 5 Manga to Check Out This Week

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There are all kinds of manga to choose from, and most times, we judge them by either how the cover looks, the summary or what about it matches our tastes. Here are some manga works under the category of either fantasy and/or comedy as suggestions for what you could read if you ever feel the need for these genres.

5. Amchin wa Jishou

Synopsis: This is the story of a young male who likes to mess with people’s minds in regards to his gender. The only one who seems to be able to handle him is his longtime friend and the one he loves, Tatsumi.

Why read it: It’s silly but at the same time, it has a strangely engaging feel to it. The characters are interesting and the general concept, while something not all that outlandish in the comedy genre, is something interesting. It’s the kind of story one should read for a good laugh and some engaging characters.

4. Yumi to Kurumi

Synopsis: Yumi is an office worker who is often stressed with work and finds difficulty connecting with people. One day while heading home, she comes across an abandoned doll at the side of the road and decides to take it home. As she cares for and confides in the doll, she finds things slowly taking a more positive turn for her as she comes to get out of her shell.

Why read it: It’s cute, simple and gives feels, what reason shouldn’t someone read this? It offers a different concept, a character that has relatable notes to her and the story doesn’t over dramatize things. It could use some work in laying out certain points but so far, it is a soft story that’s worth checking out.

3. Lovecome Like A Demon

Synopsis: Akashi with his deep red hair and glaring eyes has often been called by a demon by those around him. However, while he may fight a lot and seem intimidating, all he wants is to help people and make friends like any other high school boy. One day, he rescues a young girl and rather than running away, she seems to want to befriend him, is there hope yet for the demon-faced high schooler?

Why read it: Initially, the series seems like the typical shoujo work with the misjudged male lead who simply wants to get along with people. The way that it dropped its supernatural bomb at the end of the introduction did well as a hook for the series. Overall, the comedy is good the building romance is well paced and while the idea as a whole is not all that new, it does have a solid story going on.

2. The Ride-on King

Synopsis: President Alexander Purchinov is the life of Pursui and is known for his desire to be dominant, and “ride” things, whether literally or figuratively. Now that he has already ridden his country, he yearns for something new. And from this, he finds himself ending up in a world of fantasy with all kinds of creatures such as dragons and centaurs.

Why read it: It’s rather clear where the design of the main character is based from so the antics that they go through is all the more funnier when reading with that idea in mind. Still, it’s interesting to have an isekai series where the main character is already OP rather than develop into one. So far there is good action scenes, interesting world-building and as expected, the designs of the magical creatures stand out.

1. I Swear, I Won’t Bother You Again!

Synopsis: Once a proud and beautiful daughter of a duke, Violette, in her bout of jealousy over her sister taking everything she held dear, decides to murder her and ends up jailed. As she reminisces her regrets in her cell, she suddenly wakes up to find herself back in the past to before she committed her mistakes. Realizing the second chance that she has been given, the young woman decides to go without committing a crime and bothering anyone, she will live an ordinary, plain and inconspicuous life. That is easier said than done given how incidents occur beyond her expectations.

Why read it: The prompt of a “villainess” either being someone from another world who knows their story or them returning to a time before they got bad is rising in popularity. This is one work that takes on the latter and presents what makes this prompt so interesting. There are different kinds of stories that take on a character being able to go back and fix their regrets but with this story, there are key points that make it different other than featuring a female protagonist who started off as the supposed antagonist.

With this story, there is an actual difference in the connection between the main character and the supposed heroine of the story. In addition, the characters are rather humorous and well established. Overall, it takes the prompt, adds some different character relations and ends up with an interesting story.

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