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General Impression: "Hey, Your Cat Ears are Showing"

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This is the cute daily life story of a manga artist with a catboy as a roommate.

First Impression

Given the premise and general image that the series gave, it was easy to get hooked into the cuteness for this writer. It had a simple idea that was presented in a rather cute way. The way it introduced the cat-boy and his ability to shapeshift was rather fun and the dynamic that formed between the main character showed some clear fluff that will be developed in the rest of the series.

There was some nice comedy slipped in but for the most part, it’s an expected type of humor for this kind of series. And given the simplicity of the work, there isn’t much to be expected in terms of plot. It’s main charm really lies in the art and the dynamics of the characters. Simply put, there was a cute idea presented with a solid introduction but there isn’t much that to make it stand out other than a cute series to watch when you’re bored or looking to relax with something.

General Impression

It’s still a cute series but it does well in slipping in some plot points to change the flow a bit by introducing new characters. Though their appearances were short, it did add something different to the overall tone of the series such as with the appearance of Miao’s brother. The dynamic between Miao and Da Shung is still the highlight of the series but there are points where it would be nice to see more on their development rather than on Da Shung making sure Miao doesn’t get into to much trouble.

The comedy still holds for the most part but again, not much really sticks out with this series. The flow is good and the characters are interesting but outside of its cuteness, it could work on its dynamics a bit more.


As a daily life type of a series, there aren’t many negatives to be said on the anime given how one shouldn’t expect all that much in terms of plot dynamics. The characters are interesting in their own way and the comedy with them works for the most part. There’s not much else to be said other than it’s a cute series that has good enough characters and tone to keep the story going. It’s a series that you would watch to relax and not expect other than to smile at cuteness really.

Rating: 6.5/10

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