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What We See so Far - "Hisakata no oto"

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Tatsumi is a straight-laced young man who has accepted a new job as a teacher on a small island around the Ogasawara Archipelago named "Aoshima.” It is there that he finds himself encountering unfathomable phenomena that defy all logic. In this tale of fantasy and mystery, Tatsumi soon comes to learn that there is more not only to the island but himself as well.

The Good

There is a whimsy quality ao the series that is highlighted by its art style and theme. It has this simplistic but unique tone that engages the reader with how mysterious the general vibe is. The way that the story slipped in a spiritual element to give structure to the fantasy element and connect the characters made for a solid foundation of the series. Basically, the plot and theme of the series is a highlight to enjoy with how it blends elements of fantasy, mystery and a tad of something spiritual to tie things together.

Still, as interesting as the story elements are, as stated, the art style is what really brings them out. It has a rough look to it but the way that fantasy characters and the effects are designed more than make up for it. The lore is also a point of interest for the series with how it builds and connects the characters. If there was one way to describe the series, it would be a mysterious but whimsical tale.

The Bad

As unique as the style and story is, the overall delivery could use some work. Given the theme and genre of the series it is no surprise but personally, mystery build up was not to this writer’s taste. The characters doesn’t really present much other as pieces to add to the story. It’s hard to describe what’s wrong with the series but it feels like it could have done more in balancing the story tone.


It’s a unique and interesting story that gives a whimsical touch with its story and design. As a fantasy work, there is a lot of points to be engaged with the story. As a work that slips in mystery though, it could use some work. Perhaps it may be bias from this writer, but it didn’t really leave that much of an impact. If you’re looking for a fantasy work that’s different and not too deep in drama or plot though, this is it.

Rating: 6.5/10

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