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‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Releases New Video Featuring ‘Tangled’ Movie’s ‘Kingdom of Corona’ World

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In just a few months, Kingdom Hearts is slated to be released! A new video was uploaded by Square Enix on Saturday which features the world of Disney’s Tangled called “Kingdom of Corona”. The video was first released to the public during the Lucca Comics & Games 2018 event held in Lucca, Italy.

Check out both the Japanese and English trailers below:

Kingdom Hearts III will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25 (Japan) and January 29 (West). The following confirmed worlds in the game are Toy Story, Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc., Tangled, Frozen, and Pirates of the Carribean. Square Enix also confirmed the return of the Olympus Coliseum world.

The opening theme song titled “Face my Fears” will be a collaboration of music producer Skrillex, Japanese singer icon Utada Hikaru, and record producer Poo Bear. Utada will also be singing the ending theme song titled “Don’t Think Twice” (“Chikai” or “Oath” for the song containing Japanese lyrics).

During Tokyo Game Show in September, game director Tetsuya Nomura said the upcoming game is “most definitely not the end of Kingdom Hearts.” He is also expressed that he wishes to continue Sora’s story and confirms that the final game will have a Xehanort as the main enemy. Kingdom Hearts III will also have a secret movie and the game staff is still deciding on where to where to implement it into the highly-anticipated game.

If you want more hype, the franchise is getting a Kingdom Heart VR Experience game which will be launched this holiday season for free in English. Sony will also release VR experience of two songs performed by Utada Hikaru this winter which is from her recent concert tour that happened this year.
Source: Anime News Network

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