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What We See so Far - "Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya"

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This is the daily life story of a demon turned mother.

The Good

As a series that features a mother and son with a unique concept, it does more than well. It’s series that has short chapters but brings an enjoyable read throughout. The way that Lorem dotes on Gospel and the way that her character developed acts a solid charm for the series. Whether it be how Gospel makes use of his tail to stand or how Merii is able to heal with her tentacles, the series also presents a different world that draws you in. Basically, the charm and the world that it presents are the series’ biggest hooks.

The idea presents of humans coexisting with demons and the history behind it is certainly something of a change of pace. It was only with the recent chapters that this concept was given depth but mostly makes sense and the whole government evaluation does the series present a good amount of depth. Sure there was depth to the series with the more dramatic episodes of the series, but the whole government arc just holds more to it.

Other than the charm of the characters, their development, and the world-building, the bond between the characters. The banter between them alone makes for an adorable stand-out for the series.

The Bad

Given the format and style of the series, the more dramatic moments comes a bit as a surprise. On one hand, it adds a bit of dynamic and depth to the story. On the other, it seems to come from nowhere and had little buildup towards it. It’s like one moment, the chapter is tackling Lorem going through her things, then the next, a bomb goes off. Interesting change of pace, not so great segway. Other issues, when they do pop up in the series do have an expected note to them.


It’s a charming series with an unexpected concept and a good amount of world-building. There is a bit of a miss in terms of its story structure and when it brings in dramatic points that develop the story, but it does seem to come out of nowhere. On a smaller note, the bonds and the development of the characters make for a wonderful read and overall it’s a story worth checking out.

Rating: 7.5/10

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