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Final Thoughts on: Akkun to Kanojo

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This is a romantic comedy that follows the daily lives of high school couple Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari and Non “Nontan” Katagiri. Akkun is an extreme tsundere who is constantly harsh towards Nontan. This harsh behavior is but a mask as he is truly head over heels for her. In fact, he is so head over heels for her that he has stalker tendencies towards her. Nontan, in turn, is also head over heels for Akkun and doesn’t mind his harsh behavior, though she is unaware of his stalker ways.

Initial Impression

The first highlight that stood out with the series is the dynamic between Akkun and Nontan. Nontan initially seemed like a typical cheerful and oblivious character, the way she’s so insightful of Akkun and his character adds something interesting to her character. As for Akkun, his whole stalker side is weird but the clear love he has for Nontan gives him an endearing point. Just this whole dynamic that the two have with one another is adorable and the fact that this series is about an established relationship rather than a love that drags out the tension gives it large plus points from this writer.

Other than the main couple and their dynamics, Masago, Akkun’s friend makes for an interesting character who was quirky in his own way. The only real issue is that it would be nice to have more regular characters to balance out all of the quirkiness of the main characters or at the very least have more heartfelt moments to give more dynamic to the series.

Final Thoughts

It’s a cute romance series, there is no doubt about that. While there were some doubts to the characters at the start, with the progression of the series, it was interesting to see how exactly the characters were shaped into what they were. From the way Akkun and Nontan understand each other to the general way they treat the other, it’s easy to believe that the two are a long-term couple with one of them being both gruff and shy. Personally, a couple like this always makes for an interesting story. That and the way they still have development going on between them and that they do have misunderstandings is a plus since it works in a way that doesn’t hinder the characters or the plot.

With the other couple “couples” of the series, it feels more like they were plopped into the plot to add some dynamic more than anything. Sure, Masago developed into an interesting character who helped in balancing things out and his development with Chiho had its moments, but it feels like the two were a little too conveniently paired. As for the student teacher pair, it’s weird and seems just a tad out of place, that’s pretty much the gist of it.


There’s nothing much else to be said other than it’s a cute romance series that does well in showing a quirky yet long-term couple who are still developing with one another. The other characters, mainly Masago did well in adding some dynamic but the whole development he has with Chiho feels inserted rather than part of the plot. If the series had featured more on Akkun and Nontan’s relationship being developed and lessened the other couple moments to give way to filter moments with friends and family it could have been better in this writer’s opinion.

Rating: 7/10

First Impression

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