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Net Anime ‘Robot Girls NEO’ Releases Visual and Promo Video

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A new promo video and visual was released on Thursday on the official website of Dynamic Planning and Toei Animation’s upcoming net anime short Robot Girls NEO.

The first episode of this net anime is slated to be released on August 18 at 12:00pm exclusively on Animax’s streaming service, “Animax on PlayStation”. The first and second episodes will be available for streaming on August 25 at 12:00pm, and all three episodes will be available for steaming on September 1 and 12:00pm. Each episode will have a duration of five minutes.

The Robot Girls Z series was streamed by Crunchyroll as it was aired in Japan in 2014. The anime series also inspired a compilation movie which premiered in May 2014. The net anime short series Robot Girls Z+ was also debuted and streamed by Crunchyroll in 2015.

The series is a latest incarnation of the Toei Robot Girls, a project that turns “legendary super robots into beautiful girls!!”

The cast include Z-chan, based on the popular Mazinger Z voiced by Hina Kino.

Gre-chan, based on Great Mazinger voiced by Ami Hagihara

Gren-chan, based on Grendizer voiced by Mikako Izawa

Gecchama Eagle, based on Getter Robo voiced by Rika Nagae

Sister hell voiced by Kanon Narumi

Tetsu Inada will be the narrator of the series.

The anime is set on Nerima, a ruined place where a photon energy disaster was said to have destroyed the area. No one exactly knows the cause and who is the culprit. All that seems to be left is the photon research facility tower where there’s a monument at the center of the destroyed area. Gre-chan and Z-chan live together in the base of the tower made by salvage materials in which they named it as Photo House. The advanced photo energy that was supposed to flow through the place is gone and the world is now being ruled by the Getter Rays that came from space. Even then, Z-chan and Gre-chan use the highly efficient photo energy to power up their home.

Source: Comic Natalie

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