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"Yuri!! On Ice" Film is Confirmed with Details

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“Yuri!! On Ice!” will be making its return to the screen next year as the “Yuri!!! on Concert” event revealed in Osaka details for the upcoming film work.

Titled as Yuri!!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence (Yuri!!! on Ice Gekijō-ban: Ice Adolescence), a teaser visual and video has also been released for the film. Returning as staff for the upcoming work are:

Director/Composition: Sayo Yamamoto
Outline (Original Script Concept)/Original Character Design: Mitsurou Kubo
Character Design: Tadashi Hiramatsu
Music: Taro Umebayashi, Taku Matsushiba
Music Producer: Keisuke Tominaga (PIANO)
Animation Production: MAPPA

“Yuri!! On Ice” was released on October 6, 2016, with MAPPA as its producer. The series ran for a total of 12 episodes before it reached its end on December 21, 2016. Outside of the cited staff, the series also had figure skater Kenji Miyamoto choreographing the figure skating of the series.

The cast for the series include:

Junichi Suwabe as Victor Nikiforov
Kouki Uchiyama as Yuri Plisetsky
Toshiyuki Toyonaga asYūri Katsuki
Hideaki Tezuka as Yakov Feltsman
Hiroki Yasumoto as Christophe Giacometti
Kensho Ono as Phichit Chulanont
Mamoru Miyano as Jean-Jacques Leroy
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Otabek Altin

The story of the series tells of Yuuri Katsuki, a Japanese figure skater who after suffering a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix finale, finds himself lost on what is next for his skating career. With this in mind, he makes the decision to puts his career on hold and return to his hometown of Hasetsu in Kyushu.

Upon his return, he visits his childhood friend Yuko, at the Ice Castle Hasetsu ice rink. While there he decides to perform his rendition of an advanced skating routine performed by his idol: Russian figure skating champion Victor Nikiforov. What he does not know is that his performance was recorded and shared online. Not only that but it catches the attention of the very idol who travels to Hasetsu with an offer to be Yuuri’s coach.

In other news, a survey was conducted at the concert to see who came from other prefectures and overseas. According to co-composer Taku Matsushiba, the staff hoped to take the concert to Saga Prefecture and overseas. Aside from this, a poster of the visual will be rewarded to 0 randomly selected people who follow the anime’s official Twitter account and post a comment with the tag “#ユーリ映画化” by July 4 (Japan Time).


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