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World Cosplay Summit to Happen on July 28 to August 5 in Nagoya, Japan!

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Different cosplay teams from different nationalities will be given the opportunity to experience Japan like no other and also to bring pride to their home country as the World Cosplay Summit 2018 will happen on July 28 to August in Nagoya, Japan!

Cosplay competitions held in various countries were organized in order to give cosplay teams a chance to compete and represent for the grand finals. While the World Cosplay Summit’s main highlight is the cosplay competition itself, the selected representatives will be taken around key locations in Japan to experience the country’s vibrant culture.

The official website of the World Cosplay Summit recently released a trailer video which you can watch below:

Last year, Team China composed of Xue Yan Xue and Tian Tian won the World Cosplay Championship with their jaw dropping and impressive cosplay skit performance of Blood: The Last Vampire. Tien Tien cosplayed as Saya while Xue Yan Xue cosplayed a chiropteran monster.

If you want to check out their performance, watch the video below:

Awesomeness from start to finish!

Team Mexico bagged the second place in their nostalgic Trigun skit. Team Japan won Third Place on their creative cosplay skit performance from ayakashi bakeneko.

We can’t wait for this year’s WCS. Best of luck to all the participants!

Source: World Cosplay Summit website

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