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First Impression: Lost Song

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In a verdant frontier village, there lives an energetic girl named Rin. Meanwhile, within the royal palace in the bustling capital city, the songstress Finis spends her days in solitude. The two are as different as can be but they share one common power that no other those, the power of song. With this power, they are able to heal wounds, create water and stir the wind and more. Under the guide of destiny, the two face an arduous journey as the shadows of war loom over.

The Good

As expected, the music makes for the biggest highlight of the episode. The way that it melds with the flow of the story and holds a fitting tone to the setting really brings it out. That and the effect that occurred also helped. Just the way that the animation worked with the water and the formation of lights really tied everything together. Other than the music, the background of the episode made for some great visual pleasure.

Outside of the art and music, the build-up of the story was rather well done. It was interesting to see all of the characters introduced and see how their roles would be played. The fact that Rin ended up with a dramatic end was a slight surprise but would make for some interesting character development. Basically, the episode presented good music, lovely background art and a solid introduction to the story.

The Bad

Predictable, that is the biggest that the episode has shown out of everything. The second the characters made their appearance, it was more than easy to predict what their roles would be. Honestly, it would be nice if the story didn’t make the villain so obvious. The harsh lines and mannerisms really gave it away. Then there is also the clear start of romance going on between Finis and Henry. Really, the story is a rather standard beat.

The characters are predictable, the story is standard and very little stands out from the plot. However, the music is good, the art is solid and overall the flow of the story was not too bad. There is potential for the series though in giving depth to Rin and showing more on Finis, especially with how the drama is built. Other than this, the series gave an alright impression, not great, but enough to check out at least a few episodes.

Rating: 6/10

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