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Learn More on the Feline Heroes of the Upcoming "Neko Kikaku" 3DCG Anime

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The upcoming trilogy of 3DCG animated films, “Neko Kikaku” a.k.a. “Cat Project” now has full cast/character details released.

It was on March 14 that the anime project was first announced by the digital content and 3DCG animation company Speed Inc. The films’ creation is in cooperation with Aichi Prefecture and will be featuring cats speaking in Nagoya dialect. The three films’ titles are as follows:

“Paws Defense Force”
“The Day the Paws Stood Still”
“When Paws Collide”

Set to be released to be released in Summer 2018, there are five main characters that have been detailed.

Haruka Tomatsu, who currently plays the role of Zero Two in “DARLING in the FRANXX”, will be taking on the voice of the NEET Takumi. Once living a lazy life, the character finds his life changed upon saving his father from the dreaded “Cat Project”.

Akari Kito, who had recently played a role in “Ms. Koizumi loves ramen noodles” as Misa Nakamura, voices as Mutsumi, Takumi’s elder sister. Described as a popular doujinshi author, she has a serious attitude but somewhat frumpy appearance. Beneath this, however, is a hidden identity that none knew about.

Taking on the role of Takumi’s younger sister, Yugami is Sakura Tange, the voice behind Sakura Kinomoto in “Cardcaptor Sakura”. Her character is described to be a university student with a severe case of chunibyo and is always seen with a favorite stuffed animal called, “Good Night Kitten”. She’s also seen to have a key around her neck and a mysterious secret with it.

Tange will also be taking up the role of the ambitious “The President”. She is known as the leader of the nefarious black company, “Cat Project”, a company that is to be responsible for the recent disappearance of a huge number of cats. Other than this, however, it is unclear on what exactly the goal of her evil schemes is.

Last but not least, is Yuji Mitsuya, the voice of Komawari in “Gaki Deka”, acting as Papa, Takumi’s father. He is described to have long been unemployed until he suddenly receives a mysterious email offering him a position at the “Cat Project”.

Directed by “Planzet’s” Jun Awazu with animation by SPEED INC., the series sets itself in Nyagoya and features as an “anything-goes hyper black comedy anime”. The focus of the story tells of the “Mass Cat Disappearance Incident” and one cat’s quest to save his father.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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