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Hayao Miyazaki still in Shock Over Isao Takahata’s Death

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Newspaper Sponichi Annex revealed that Studio Ghibli’s well-acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki is still in shock over the death of fellow director Isao Takahata. As of this time, he has not released a statement over his friend’s passing. “I still am not used to this feeling”, he expressed.

The newspaper stated that Miyazaki’s silence over this matter was because of overwhelming shock and not a signal of indifference. People who have worked closely with Miyazaki over the years are quite familiar with his bluntness especially to his colleagues that he respects to the point that it’s often misinterpreted as being cold or showing off his ego.

The anime industry and its fans were in great shock when Takahata was announced dead on Thursday at 1:19am at the Teikyo University Hospital. While earlier reports stated that the cause was due to his deteriorating health, it was to find out that he died of lung cancer at the age of 82.

His notable work in Studio Ghibli is directing Grave of the Fireflies and his last work where he was in involved in was The Tale of Princess Kaguya.

Source: Sponichi Annex

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