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General Impression: Yuru Camp

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This is a work for those who have a love for camping. The focus for this story is Rin, a young girl who usually sets out to camp by herself. One day while out camping, she encounters Nadeshiko, a young girl who had just moved to Yamanashi and had biked her way to Motosu in order to see Mt. Fuji. Thus, begins a story of girls exploring the outdoors with a single camp meeting.

First Impression

The background art of the series is the biggest hook to be found when watching the first episode. There are all kinds of anime with wonderful background art but just the way that it gives contrast to the characters’ designs and sets the tone for the episode makes for a huge eye-pleasing sight. Then there is the music to enjoy as well for the episode, with it’s upbeat and almost country like style, it adds a nice touch of personality for the episodes. Just the way that the art and music work in giving a warm tone for the episode and slips a warm tone leaves a nice and comfy feeling for the viewer.

Another strength for the episode lies in the way that it presents it’s theme. It might be small but this writer rather appreciates the way that the animation goes into detail when the character sets up her camp. From gathering wood to just relaxing in her chair with her heat packets, it all just gives a relaxing. The only thing the can be said against the episode itself is with the narration going on when Rin is gathering firewood, rather than the typical deep voiced narrator, it would have been nice to have heard the character’s voice instead, just to have a sort of connection to the viewer.
General Impression

The series makes for a lovely work of comfort simply for how warm it is. From the vast background design to the cheerful soundtrack, and most of all the way that it works its main theme just leaves a nice feeling when watching the series. Sure, it may seem a little too mellow and little on plot for a lot of viewers especially with the way the characters don’t have a lot of dynamic to them. On other hand, that may just be the point of the series so more focus may be placed on the theme.

With the way that the art works its details, tones and general contrast with the character, it makes for a good deal of visual pleasure. The music also continues to be a fun piece of the series to listen to, especially the opening. Outside of this, the general cinematic flow gives a very nice and relaxed tone to match with the theme. The animation is also pretty solid for when they set out to their camping. It’s nice to see the contrast of the different character in figuring out their set-up and the realism of trying to figure out what to get and whether they can afford it.

There’s a not of issues to be found with the series other than it may not appeal to everyone and that the characters are not all that different.


It’s warm, it’s relaxed and it’s just a solid anime about camping and that’s what makes it so interesting. The characters are not all that exciting and the comedy is pretty ok, but the art, music and general flow of the series makes up for most of it. This is the type of series where you don’t really expect all that much but you can’t help but enjoy the journey that it brings. It’s just a solid series to sit back and enjoy.

Rating: 8/10

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