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"Maerchen Maedchen" Gains 3 More Magical Girls in its Cast

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The fantasy series “Maerchaen Maedchen” gains three more cast/characters for its anime and show a character visual for the newly revealed cast.

“Maerchaen Maedchen’s” anime adaptation first came out on January 11 and aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX and BS11. With around six episodes so far, the production has Hisashi Saito, who majorly worked on key animation before, as the chief director with Shigeru Ueda, known to have worked on the “Bleach” series as the director.

Taking charge of the series composition is the creator of the series himself, Tomohiro Matsu. As for the character designs that were originally done by Kantoku, Yuri Morikawa, who previously did work on the “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” series adapted the design for the anime.

The tale of the series tells of a world where young girls are selected to become “Maedchan” by “Origin” and all attend a school of witchcraft located all over the world to wield their magic and become first-rate “Origin Masters”. They all have one similar goal however, and that is to take part of the annual Hexennacht competition. In this competition representatives of each school compete in their abilities to wield their magic and the prize is one wish to be magically granted.

This year it seems that the team from Japan may not be able to compete due to a lack of members. With the encounter between the leader of Japan Shizuka Tsuchimikado, the leader of the Japan team and Hazuki Kagimura, there may be a chance.

For the new cast members, from left to right, there is Ari Ozawa, who played a role in the “Land of the Lustrous” series as Benitoite to play as a member of the Russian school team, Tayana. Then there is the voice behind Kotori Nono in the newest magical girl series “Hugtto! Precure”, Amina Sato to play the role of Angelina, a member of the American school team. Finally, playing the role of a member of the Japanese school team named Sachi Hino, is Azusa Tadokoro, the voice actress behind Aoi Kiriya from the “Aikatsu” series.

As for the other cast members for the series, they include:

Tomori Kusunoki as Hazuki Kagimura
Rie Suegara as Shizuka Tsuchimikado
LYNN as Yumilia Qazan
Rina Hidaka as Lynne Daves
Airi Ootsu as Maria Rasputin
Ai Kakuma as Agathe Arier
Reina Ueda as Arthur Pendragon
Kaede Hondo as Ariko Kasumi
Akemi Okamura as Headmaster
Maya Yoshioka as Li Xuemei
Yuna Kamakura as Mahakali

Originally, the series began as a series of light novels that were published in Japan by Shueisha under their Dash X Bunko imprint and currently has around 3 volumes released.

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