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Get a Scare with Monsters Inc. Joining Kingdom Hearts III

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At the D23 Expo Japan event held on Saturday, a new world is revealed for the Kingdom Hearts III game and it is none other than the world of “Monsters, Inc.”

With the reveal of the new world and gameplay for the fantasy work via a trailer with an English-subtitled stream, Square Enix also revealed that Hikaru Utada’s theme song for the
game is titled “Don’t Think Twice” and are streaming a video featuring it.

Also being streamed by Square Enix Japan is the Japanese version of the same theme song, titled “Chikai” which translates to “Oath”.

Other worlds that are featured in the game are the world of “Toy Story”, which includes an original story, “Tangled” and “Big Hero 6.” Outside of the new worlds, the Olympus Coliseum world will be making its return.

In previous reports it was noted by game director Tetsuya Nomura that the game will be having another playable character aside from Sora. The director also stated that they would be giving more focus towards the game’s release for PS4 and Xbox, which is slated for this year, before taking on a Nintendo Switch Release.

It was in 2013 that news of the “Kingdom Hearts III” first came out. Then on May 11, Square Enix announced that it would be slated for release “in the next three years.” The action role-playing video game is the twelfth instalment in the “Kingdom Hearts” series, sequel to “Kingdom Hearts II,” and the final chapter in the Dark Seeker saga.

In terms of story, it takes place after the events of “Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance” and has Sora with Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey and Riku all in search for the seven Guardians of Light and the “Key to Return Hearts” in an attempt to thwart Master Xehanort’s plan of bringing about a second Keyblade War.

“Kingdom Hearts” was first released in March 2002 and is described as a series of crossover action role-playing games owned by Disney and developed and published by Square Enix. A
collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix, and is under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura, the game overall consists of nine games available for multiple platforms with future titles already in the works. In the course of its run the game has grown into a considerable media franchise including soundtracks, figurines, companion books, novels and manga series.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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