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"Aikatsu Friends!" Has More Details Revealed with a New PV

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A new promotional video is up for the upcoming “Aikatsu Friends!” series and in the 150-second video is the reveal of the anime’s lead cast members and the confirmation of the anime’s release date with the video being narrated by the lead protagonists of the series.

Set to be released on April and aired on TV Tokyo, the series is directed by Tatsuya Igarashi, a storyboard artist in the “Osomatsu-san” series. Yuuko Kakihara, known to have worked on the original series is returning to work on the series composition once more. Designing the characters for the series is Satomi Watanabe.

Taking credit as the supervisor of the new series is the original director of the main series, Ryuichi Kimura. As for the sound and music of the series, Hiromi Kikuta will be acting as the sound director with DIGZ MOTION SOUNDS as the music composer. The production of the series will be taking place at BN Pictures.

For the cast of the series there is the Akane Matsunaga to play as one of the main leads of the series, Aine Yuki. And there is Ibuki Kido, who previously played as Asami Himoru in the first series to now play as second lead protagonist Mio Minato.

As for the rest of the cast they include:

Karen Miyama as Maika Chōno (back row left)
Yui Ninomiya as Ema Hinata (back row right)
Azusa Tadokoro as Karen Kamishiro (back row center left)
Ayaka Ohashi as Mirai Asuka (back row center right)
Sumire Morohoshi as Koko

The story for the new series tells of high school girl Aine Yuuki. Armed with a skill in making friends she enters into the Star Harmony Academy as part of its general education track. When she encounters the top school idol Mio Minato, she finds things changing for her as she now aims to be an idol herself.

On another note, a new PV for the “Aikatsu Friends! Data Carddass” arcade game has been posted on the “Aikatsu!” Youtube channel. Also included was a medley video containing the songs “Aikatsu Friends!” (Aine&Mio), “Arigato⇄Daijyoubu” (Aine) and “Believe it” (Karen&Mirai).’

Starting off as an original arcade game that was released in October, “Aikatsu Friends!” is the third entry in the “Aikatsu” franchise

Source: Crunchyroll News

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