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Smartphone Game Happy Elements' Last Period: Owari naki Rasen no Monogatari Gains an April Anime

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Coming in April is the anime adaptation of the Happy Elements smartphone game “Last Period: Owari naki Rasen no Monogatari” a.k.a “Last Period: The Story of an Endless Spiral." Revealed with an official website opened by Happy Elements, production details for the work have already been listed, from staff to cast and even theme song performers.

Being the people behind the game which the anime will be based on, Happy Elements is credited for the original work. Directing the series is Yoshiaki Iwasaki, the director of “Hayate the Combat Butler.” He will be working at J.C. Staff. with EGG FIRM as the producer. Hideaki Shirane, the script writer behind “Twin Angels BREAK”, will be taking charge of the series composition for the series.

Taking charge as chief animation director for the series is Mika Takahashi, who previously worked on the key animation of “Cowboy Bebop.” He will also be working on the adaptation of whoopin’s character designs for the anime, whom are credited for the original character designs. Composing the music for the series at NBCUniversal Entertainment is Manual of Errors. With them as them as the sound director Yoshizaku Iwanami who will be working at Magic Capsule.

Additional cast for the production include:

Art Director: Eiji Iwase
Art Setting: Tsukasa Ohira
Color Design: Tomomi Andō
Director of Photography: Yuki Hirose
Editing: Motoki Niimi
Sound Effects: Yasumasa Koyama
Production: Last Period Animation Project

Set in a world where fantastic beasts called “Spirals” are born from isolation and those who defeat them are termed as “Periods”, the story tells of Haru. Haru is an apprentice Period who belongs to the Arc End 8th Branch who after being abandoned by the Arc End Headquarters in result of an economic collapse caused by a mysterious theft incident, is left with two other Periods and sets out to rebuild their division.

Starring in the series are:

Natsuki Hanae as Haru

Yukari Tamura as Choco

Mika Kikuchi as Liza

Ayumu Murase as Gajeru

Ai Kakuma as Erika

M.A.O as Campanella

? as Miu

Yamato Kinjo as Gilled

Reina Ueda as Noin

Ai Kayano as Iona

Sayaka Harada as Mizaru

Akari Kitō as Kikazaru

Ayumu Mano as Iwazaru

Shiori Izawa as Guru

It was in May 2016 that the game was officially launched and so far it has more than 5 million downloads. On another note, another anime adaptation was announced by Happy Elements and it is for the smartphone role-playing game “Merc Storia Yujutsushi to Suzu no Shirabe.”

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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