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Mr. Osomatsu Spinoff Net Anime Shorts Reveals its Teaser and Visual

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With 12 episodes and confirmed story details, “dMatsu-san”, the short anime spinoff of the “Osomatsu-san” series now has an official teaser video and visual streaming released by Docomo’s dTV service.

The story for the series is broken into two parts and is titled as “Totoko x Muttsugo” a.k.a. “Totoko x Sextuplets” and “Iyami x Muttsugo” a.k.a. “Iyami x Sextuplets” respectively. The first episode for the short series has already premiered on Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. For the first half it will be featuring Totoko as “a certain princess” and having conversations with the six brothers. With the second half it will be having six “versions” for each brother and them spending their everyday life with Iyami.

More than the short series, there will be a series of six new anime shorts to be released as part of a collaboration with the Japan Racing Association. Though there are no full details, it is confirmed that the series will be titled “Mutsugo to Ouma no Monogatari”/”The Story of the Sextuplets and a Horse.”

For this month “Osomatsu-san” will be releasing its second cour for its second season and will be having AŌP’s “cadet” group AŌP Zero performing its new opening theme song “Maboroshi Wink” (Illusion Wink) alongside the main group for a total of 11 performers. As for the ending song, it is titled “Otona ÷6 × Kodomo × 6” and will be performed by the Matsuno brothers’ voice actors.

The second season of the anime had been released in October 2017 and has a returning staff including director Yoichi Fujita, character designer Naoyuki Asano and script supervisor and writer Shuu Matsubara. Also returning for the second season are the main voice cast of the anime.

It was in October 2015 that the anime series officially came out. Telling the tale of sextuplet brothers and their daily and wild adventures as lazy NEETs, the series ran for a total of 24 episodes before ending in March 2016. Over time the series has gained different specials, collaborations and more.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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