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New Manga Thoughts: Magi Craft Meister

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The last Magi Craft Meister has passed and now a thousand years later an  heir is found in the form of one JIn Nidou. As he is transported to another world in order to succeed the previous Meister’s will, he gains much knowledge and hones his new abilities. However, when attempting to use a warp gate, something goes wrong and he finds himself transported to a completely different area…

The Good

As an isekai work it gives a refreshing new story work. Not only does it not involve some hero needing to rise to power but it also doesn’t involve a struggling hero who has all kinds of challenges thrown at him, turning him into something more cynical. Here we not only have a solid introduction but also an understandable foundation to the character being brought to the new world.

As a protagonist, Jin has the usual backstory of an isekai character but in comparison, is not an otaku but a legitimately intelligent male of his field with a solid development in terms of his abilities. When looking at the bigger picture he’s actually a refreshing piece of character in comparison to most. For one thing there was no pretty girl that was introduced in the first chapter as a clear potential love interest so there is that.

Just the fact that the character was given a proper development and the story is setting a steady pace presents a high potential to the story. It may not be highly exciting nor is there monster fighting but there is good fantasy work to it and mixed in with the comedy work that it was able to slip in, it presents a simple but enjoyable story. In terms of art, it may not be as great as most modern works but it does well in presenting the simple vibe of the story

The Bad

During the first half, there was a clear development to the character and the work that he was given. But then the way he was placed in a new location seemed a little abrupt and leaves some questions. On the other hand it could also work as part of the plot development, but still, the transitional work could have been done a little better given the presentation of the first chapter. Either way though, the simple story line so far may not be for all readers.

As stated, the art doesn’t really stand out all that much except for possibly the presentation of the magic work. Outside of the transitional work and the art design, there is not much to be said against the series given how short and simple the series is so far.


There’s a solid plot work and character development, but the transitional work could have been done better. The overall story seems rather simple and enjoyable work though it may not appeal to all readers. More than the plot and the character work, the world building is not too bad so far and the comedy that manages to slip in also works rather well. So for the most part, it may not be great but it is enjoyable at least.

Rating: 7/10

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