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General Impression: E? Heibon Desu yo?

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Yukari was but a simple high school girl when she ends up in a car accident and awakens to find herself reincarnated into the daughter of a count! It seems however that she did not in fact land in a life of luxury though. Still, she manages to find happiness in this new world as she makes use of her previous life’s knowledge to her advantage and for her family.

The Good

Not only does this series have a reincarnated female character, she’s not a male transformed into one at that. In addition to this, she actually has a humble beginning and builds a foundation with her knowledge without ending up as some sort of hero character or getting involved in monster battles or even magic bursts in the beginning. This in itself is a real breath of fresh air, seeing as half the time, the more recent isekai themed stories tend to jump right in into the action and adventure after a chapter or even a few pages.

The protagonist is also a key point that keeps the story going and it helps that her general personality makes her a rather endearing character. From her earnestness to help her family to her little ingenuities that she uses from her previous life, Liliana is just an overall sweet character that gets the story going. But she is not the only one who maintains interest for the story, as when other characters are introduced and their stories are revealed, it adds a certain layer to the story.

The general plot of the series is not all that complicated and yet it sets itself in a general setting while also managing some world building. When it comes to stories that are laid out like this one is, it is always the little details that are appreciated. On another note, the fact that the story doesn’t make itself too heavy when the plot devices arrives adds another point to it.

The Bad

The plot may be simple and the general worldbuilding is good, but the overall structure of the plot doesn’t seem all that framed well. In one arc it seems as if the story is heading on a more economic direction with Liliana’s innovation reaching the market. Then for the next part of the story it feels of if it the story suddenly shifts to this type of action story involving kidnapped children. While it does bring some interesting points to the story, it doesn’t present a solid direction for the story.

Then there are the characters, while Liliana makes for a rather enjoyable protagonist, the same can’t really be said for the side characters. Sure enough there are some interesting backstories give to them, it felt somewhat hanging in the end. What’s more, for more than one chapter it felt like one of the main side characters that was introduced, had just went up and disappeared.In addition to all of this, it is quite clear that the parents hold rather generic doting characteristics, which is a shame as it was quite clearly hinted that there is a rather interesting past to the father.

But on the other hand, both parents in general didn’t feel very fleshed out. Simply put, the story gave out interesting stories to new characters who are introduced late but left quite a bit hanging for the established side characters in the beginning. Even the main character has some hanging points to her story so basically there is more than one hole to be found with this story.


In an overall sense, the series gives a simple isekai themed story with an endearing protagonist, without any love interests or complicated situations and it is a rather refreshing thing. However, the plot itself could have been laid out better, even if it gave a good backstory to many side characters. Yet even then there are quite a few holes to be found with the series. So while it’s not entirely great, it is a rather satisfying read for the most part.

Rating: 6/10

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