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Top 5 Anime Songs for the Week

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Many say that music tells a story and the same can be said for anime songs, themes and even soundtracks. With the many anime that have cropped up for the spring and summer seasons of the year, there are many songs that have matched well with the tale of their series and some that do not. With music there is so much to choose from depending on one’s mood, preference and even how it makes them feel. For the following songs, they are a mix of openings, endings and even insert songs that tell a side to the story that they are matched to and are ranked by how well they do in terms of visuals, beat and overall tone.

5. Sakura Quest – Opening Theme

A small town, quirky characters and a generic but shifted plot all mix into the tale of Sakura Quest. As said there is a lot of quirkiness to be found with the characters but at the same time there is a mellowness to the series that makes for a good pop beat that the song is trying to portray. Add it with the visually pleasing visuals and a sneak peek into the ongoings of the characters and it presents a well established opening that doesn’t spoil everything but gives just enough.

4. Re: Creators – Layers

Re: Creators is one of the rare pieces of fantasy work that take on the reverse of the usual spectrum of travelling to another world and properly flesh out the idea. From the conflict of the fictional characters in being in a world not their own to their struggle in deciding what to do next when faced with the so-called knowledge that they could change their world once they face their respective creators. All of this internal conflict stemmed from a meeting with the mysterious villain all seem to be embodied in this one song of rock and high vocals mixed in with a bit of techno.

3. Made in Abyss – Opening Theme

From the outside, Made in Abyss seems like a new type of adventure story mixed in with a hint of mystery. But when delving deeper into the series, it is clear that there is something hidden and just waiting to come out. That much is shown with the opening sequence, for as somewhat happy the tone may be at the start; there is a shifting that starts towards the middle and mixed in with the changing sceneries showing strange yet fascinating places, the opening gives a sneak peak into a much larger than expected and much deeper than shown type of adventure.

2. Kakegurui – Ending Theme

Kakegurui has shown itself so far to be a hop, step jump into the rabbit hole that is gambling and the effects that it has on certain people. With the protagonist, on the outside she seems like a rather pretty and eccentric girl. But the deeper she delves in the gambling game, the more she sheds of herself, just like the ending is presenting. Twisted and filled with all kinds insanity, the series gives a new meaning to gambling addiction and the ending presents just how much the protagonist is willing to delve

1. Natsume Yuujinchou Roku – Opening Theme

The Natsume Yuujinchou series is one of the longer running slice of life/supernatural series that many do not seem to really know though others highly appreciate. Throughout the run of the series there are many layers shown to the plot and characters of the series. From the drama of not fitting in either the spirit nor human world to learning to open one’s self to others, the series has gone through many arcs and left a lasting impression to those who hold a fondness for the genre. With this opening it seems as if the many aspects of the series is tying in together into a song that too holds many layers and leaves a lasting impression with tone and art.

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