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A Rare Reverse: Majokko Shimai no Yoyo to Nene

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This is the story of two sisters named Nene and Yoyo. The two take on a variety of jobs throughout the kingdom of magic solving or creating curses. One day a mysterious tree appears and the two sisters decide to explore it. This not only results in Yoyo being lured into an elevator but ending up in the real world where magical occurrences began to bleed through. Once meeting a young boy and his cousin, Yoyo finds herself in a new kind of adventure.

The Good

Firm the first few scenes of the film it is already established that this will be a high flying adventure involving magic mixed in with some fun.The art has great work to it with well done art tones, background textures and general art style. Simply put, there are many moments that the art brings out the best of the movie and is an overall visual enjoyment.

The plot of the story was rather simple and easy to follow but is overall fun. The characters were rather well developed and for the most part the movie brought in many fun and enjoyable moments with their interactions. When the action happened it happened big and left its own impact.

Overall, the art, plot, and characters are highly enjoyable points of the movie which brought a fun and carefree adventure mixed in with some well done tension and drama to balance things out.

The Bad

Marked with a slice-of-life genre there isn’t much to expect in the extreme drama or action department. But speaking on the drama of the film,though not overly high, there is one point that makes a miss of the story. In one scene there was a dramatic moment involving one of the side characters from the magical side, but being a side character that left little impact, the scene leaves a rather confusing set of emotions behind.

Another miss to the story is on the relationship of the two sisters. While it is no question that the two care for one another, the way that is portrayed in the film felt rather lacking given on how little interaction was given to the two and the beginning was not enough to truly establish anything between them. Then there is also Takahiro, the male lead of the series. Looking at him as a whole, he too is either a hit or miss depending on the viewer.

Then looking at the end, everything seemed to tie up together rather too easily. As epic as it made itself out to be, things ended rather quickly a last minute power up and  quick cleanup of everything.


There is much to enjoy with the series, from the art to the story and the general adventure that it brought. The art was well established with great background tones and colorful detail. The plot though simple is interesting even if the ending tied things up far too easily. But the development of the characters, the action and the drama all balance out the less than stellar points of the movie. So if you’re looking for a high flying adventure with some great art, enjoyable characters and an easy to follow plot, then this is the film to watch.

Rating: 7.5/10

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