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Pre-registration Open for "Kirara Fantasia" Smart Phone Game

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Get an early start with the upcoming game Kirara Fantasia as a pre-registration for the fantasy RPG smartphone game opens in Japan. Featuring characters from the Manga Time Kirara comics such as “SCHOOL-LIVE!”, “NEW GAME!”, and “YUYUSHIKI”, new information such as the game’s characters, control and many more have also been revealed.
Taking on a fantasy adventure theme, “Kirara Fantasia” brings the player into an epic quest to save the world by taking on the avatars of main characters Kirara, Lamp, and Match as well as numerous guests from Manga Time Kirara comics.
Marking the announcements is a new key visual created by Satoko Kiyuzuki along with a variety of preview videos teasing the game’s story and gameplay but can only be played in Japan being region-locked.

What is known for the gameplay is that in “Kirara Fantasia”, players have a chance to create their own domain as the game features a town-building and room-customization content with the town already having its own facilities . These include a shopping center, a training station and even a summoning room. A combination of these two elements is the “Kirara Room” where players can decorate and populate with any available characters of “Manga Time Kirara.”

On the note of characters, eight new characters has been revealed along with their voice actors and/or illustrators and they include:
Miyuki Sawashiro as Alsheeb, illustrated by Satoko Kiyuzuki
Kuromon, a character illustrated by Satoko Kiyuzuki
Sora, a character illustrated by Shoutarou Tokunou
Azumi Waki as Claire, illustrated by Yui Hara
Eriko Matsui as Polka, illustrated by Yoshitaka Ushiki
Yuuki Kuwahara as Cork, illustrated by Uro
Youko Hikasa as Kanna, illustrated by Shoutarou Tokunou
Ai Kayano as Raine, illustrated by Makoto Kawai
With characters, players can raise their “friendship levels” by enjoying “cute everyday life” events.
As an RPG type of game, a combat system has already been established. For this game it takes on a turned-based “timeline battle.” Here, in order for the player to beat their opponent they need to effectively create a chain of attacks and disrupt the attacks of their opponents.
Should the player be successful in their chain attacks then they have a chance of earning the “trump card” limit break. With this move a player can deliver devastating maneuvers upon filling up a special gauge.
As a game to be made available for both Android and iOS smartphones later this year, “Kirara Fantasia” makes use of a basic free-to-play with in game purchases model.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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