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Anime Streaming Service Daisuki to Shut Down in October

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It was announced recently that Daisuki, the anime streaming service owned by Anime Consortium Japan will be ending its services effective October 31. Regardless of this announcement, it will still provide free simulcast streaming of Dragon Ball Super until the service’s closure. More details on a later date will be revealed when it comes to the series’ further episode streams.

Another one of its services called Daisuke Next will be shutting down its service on September 29. Daisuki’s app will no longer be downloadable effective October 2 while its official social media accounts will close on December 15. As of now, members will no longer be able to purchase the premium membership since the final billing month for premium was on June. Those who haven’t cancelled their premium membership will still get to enjoy it until the service shut down.

Daisuki first launched its service in 2013 which is a joint collaboration of the following anime studios: Sunrise, Toei Animation, Aniplex, Nihon Ad Systems (NAS), TMS Entertainment, and Asatsu-DK. When the Anime Consortium Japan (ACJ) was established in 2014, Daisuki then made a merge with the company. In March, ACJ was now under full ownership of Bandai Namco Holdings.

According to a column posted by Anime News Network, some of the reasons why Daisuki declined over the years is due to the complexity of it app and streaming platform as well not providing HD video. Some users also complained of bugs where in the Daisuki team took time to address these problems. Aside from this, other users (especially in the Western market), prefer to stream anime legally in other sources like Funimation, Crunchyroll, and so on.

Despite the efforts and improvement that were done over the years, it seems that Daisuki was not able to be in level with its steaming competitors and would have continued its service if they have listened to what anime fans want in a streaming service.

Source: Anime News Network

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