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Team China Wins World Cosplay Summit 2017, Mexico and Japan Respectively Bags Second and Third Place

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In case people don’t know, the World Cosplay Summit is an annual cosplay event and competition in Nagoya,Japan where representatives from different parts of the globe showcase their talent as they portray different characters from different Japanese anime, manga, video games, and related.

This year, Team China composed of Xue Yan Xue and Tian Tian won this year’s World Cosplay Championship with their jaw dropping and impressive cosplay skit performance of Blood: The Last Vampire. Tien Tien cosplayed as Saya while Xue Yan Xue cosplayed a chiropteran monster.

If you want to check out their performance, watch the video below:

Awesomeness from start to finish!

Team Mexico bagged the second place in their nostalgic Trigun skit. Team Japan won Third Place on their creative cosplay skit performance from ayakashi bakeneko.

WCS 2017 is now at its end. Now onward to 2018!

For those who want to watch the entire full days of the World Cosplay Summit, you may watch the videos below.

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