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An Impression so Far: Colette wa Shinu Koto ni Shita

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The Synopsis

This is the tale of Colette,a young female doctor of her town, in fact, the only doctor in town. Being the only doctor in town Colette holds little time for rest and is constantly at work. One day she feels so frazzled that she gains the idea of jumping into a well. But rather than falling to the bottom, she ends up waking up in the Underworld. Through a series of circumstances the young female doctor finds herself becoming Lord Hades, the God of the Underworld’s doctor. Thus begins a new part to her life.

The Good

The art is easy on the eyes and has its moments of striking the reader. The plot is interesting and the execution of its theme worked well enough. The characters are interesting with Colette as a refreshing female lead bringing a spark to the series. The different little stories of different characters brings unique perspectives to the story and works well in the exposition of the mysterious character that is Lord Hades. Overall, unique theme, good characters, and soft art that is easy on the eyes.

The Bad

The art is not all that great and as spunky as Colette is, there is not much to be said for hades other than being a handsome who broods with a bitter, something that has been done multiple times before. The plot had an interesting start but the flow seemed somewhat confused after a while and the central plot seems to move away. Then there is Lord Hades, while he started off as interesting, the character is wavering as a main character with not so much dynamic in him. To simplify things, the art is good but not great, the plot is interesting but not entirely focused and the characters while holding interesting points, could use more dynamic, such as Lord Hades.


This is a story that takes on the concept of Greek Gods and brings a new and unique twist to it for the anime/manga community. The characters are good but could use some work like many other shoujo works but Colette’s spunk and determination are refreshing to see and fun to read. The relationship while slow is at a good pacing to match the story and the dynamics of their relationship. There are some slips of comedy to enjoy but some small plot holes that while noticeable, is not very glaring. But overall the series is a good read with an interesting twist to a rarely used ideas, interesting characters, and soft art that could have been better.

Rating: 7/10

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