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An Impression so Far: Poro no Ryuugaku-Ki

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The is the story of Poro, the demon prince and the strongest demon in all of hell. The problem however is that he hates his position, for it leads to him battling demons who wish for his death everyday. All he wants is to do is to indulge in his love for all things human. In fact, he does pursue this plan by going to Japan and study the human realm. But how is a demon prince to fare in the human world with his incredible strength and being the target of all demons?

The Good

From the very first scene the reader is brought in to an explosive and unique art style that jumps at you from the page. With only a few pages we not only get the protagonist’s background but points of his personality and drive as well, creating as well done exposition for the series and a solid framework to bounce off from. The characters are all endearing in their own way and are all introduced in different interesting ways. The comedy as well is on point in different parts of the story and presents the villains as something fitting for the genre of the series. To sum it all up, fascinating and unique art, interesting plot, endearing characters and some good action and comedy to go with everything.

The Bad

While the art style may present itself as unique and fascinating in terms of its demon characters’ design, the overall style can come off as somewhat chaotic in certain scenes. The plot as well, though having a slight twist, doesn’t seem very new or dynamic in the grand scheme of supernatural works. And even though the characters are interesting enough, some may come off as one dimensional at certain points even with an interesting introduction. Basically, the art is nice but somewhat chaotic, the plot is not all that new, and the characters could be better in terms of dynamics.


It’s an interesting little series that brings its own take to a demon character with a unique but chaotic art style that may appeal to some but not all. The plot is interesting but not entirely new yet the characters and the art execution makes up for it. Speaking of the characters, not only are they comedic in their own ways but they are also interesting as well and bring interesting sides to the story. The action scenes are good as well as the comedy so overall if you’re looking for a supernatural series with interesting art and plot, comedic characters and some good comedy, then this it it.

Rating: 7/10

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