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To Read or Not: Kakegurui

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What makes it interesting?
For one thing, the art is very beautiful and striking at the same time, but then when the moment strikes you can be completely surprised on how twisted it can become in terms of the characters’ expressions. And yet, even with this shocking shift in expressions and tone, it makes it even more mesmerizing when taking into account the series’ genre and theme.

Then there is the plot, in the anime/manga community, there are hundreds of works that take on the school scene and make it into something special. Whether it be a school of magic or specializing in strength, there is always a school of something in the anime/manga world. So, for a school to have its ranking based on how good one is on gambling brings a unique twist.
With how gambling is shown to bring out the worst I people in most anime/manga, it’s of no surprise how twisted the art and tone will get when needed.

As such, this brings such an interesting twist to the perception of all characters. When it comes to anime/manga, the image and act of a character creates a perception for the viewer and brings a sense of excitement to know how the character will actually turn out to be.

Interesting plot, fascinating art and dynamic characters, if you want to take a chance with a series that may make your mind go for a whirl then this is the one.

What would be a turn off?

With the theme of gambling and a label of thriller, one shouldn’t expect an action packed series where the main focus is on the skill of the mind and the amount of luck one has. Those who have seen similar series such as this may find it as their cup of tea, but for those of the faint of heart, this would be a series to best put down.

While the rules of each game are explained, it’s not always the easiest to understand and can be somewhat confusing if you don’t read carefully. To put it simply, if you don’t read every single detail, you may get lost in the game and have to read again. Add it with the story, which seems to have a twist at every turn and little time to breath, it may be a bit much for the reader.


Overall, this is a series that may bring out the inner thinker in you and will being you for one wild ride. With fascinating art and interesting characters, you never known what the series will bring out next and while not everything may perfectly fit, it’s a pretty good series to watch for something new after seeing only bits and clips of it from an outside perspective.

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