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Born to Make History - ‘Yuri!!! On Ice’ Gets an Anime Movie!

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They heard you and you guys are getting more—an anime movie project for the popular skating anime Yuri!!! On Ice is now green lit. This announcement was made official during the “Yuri!!! On Stage” event which happened on Saturday. It was stated that the movie will be recompilation of the hit television anime series. No future announcements have been out so far but expect more surprises for this upcoming anime film production.

The hype of Yuri!!! On Ice

For the anime fans who have absolutely no idea about the anime, Yuri!! On Ice is an anime series which premiered in Japan on October 6 focusing on figure skating. The final episode was aired in December. The anime was also streamed in Crunchyroll

To give you a little synopsis of what the anime is all about, we begin with 23-year-old Yuri Katsuki as he started to doubt his feelings and abilities after he lost in a couple of grand ice skating competitions. He made a decision to put skating career on hold and decided to attend college in the US before he comes home to Japan. One day, Yuri visits his childhood friend Yuko who was on the Ice Castle Hasetsu skating rink and perfectly mimicked the moves by Victor Nikiforov, a popular Russian figure skating champion. After his performance secretly filmed, this caught Victor’s attention and decided to go to Japan to meet Yuri and be his coach.

The Growing Fanbase

Since its airing and after its final episode, Yuri!!! On Ice is considered as one of the most popular and highly-anticipated anime series of 2016 with a massive fan following as well as a storm of merchandise, music albums, and so on. The franchise topped the Blu-ray sales charts as well as its album singles. Believe it or not, fans of the anime series have already set-up their own events and conventions centered on the anime. One example will be one event that happened in the Philippine in which they had a pre-event set in a skating rink!

More to Come

With an announcement of an upcoming movie, expect more surprises in store for the franchise. Although a season two is still not in our midst, there’s still going to be more merchandise and announcements heading our way.

More announcements of the upcoming Yuri!!! On Ice movie will be up very soon!

Source: Anime News Network.

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