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Konbini Kareshi – An Anime Adaptation about High School Boys Visiting a Convenience Store to Premiere in July!

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As we go into a new anime viewing season, there are still a lot to look forward to in the Summer Anime Season especially in July.

It was announced on Thursday that the mixed media project titled Konbini Kareshi is green-lit to have its own anime television adaptation. It is slated to premiere in TBS and other TV networks in Japan in July.

Just to give you a little background about this, the Konbini Kareshi mixed-media project was created by B’s Log Comic magazine. The said publication is owned under the company Kondasha. The story is centered on a group of handsome and irresistibly looking high school boys who always give their time to drop by at a convenience store. Launched in 2015, the project has already produced magazine-style books (mooks) that have bundled Drama CD’s in them. For a project that has handsome boys in them, these are really something worth buying (if you have extra cash that is!).

So far, the seiyuu cast has not been revealed yet. However, key people who will be working on the project have already been confirmed. To start off, the confirmed director for the Konbiri Kareshi anime will be Hayato Date. He will be directing the anime production in Studio Pierrot. Date is notable for being the director of the following anime series: Naruto, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sayuki, and Vampire Princess Miyu to name a few.

Satomi Ishikawa will be doing the anime’s character designs and he will be basing it from Makoto Senzaki’s original illustrations of the mixed project. His previous works were doing key animation for Buddy Complex and doing character designs for Tokimeki Restaurant. The series composition will be done by Sayaka Harada who also did series compositions for the STARMYU Season 1 and Season 2 anime and OAV.

Hot Japanese high school boys, a slice of life kind of plot, and a convenience store. Although these elements seem to be a common formula for an anime centered for the female demographic, it doesn’t seem to hurt in giving this anime a try. We hope that this show would also be available outside of Japan for us to also enjoy this upcoming show. If you don’t have any anime yet to add on your Summer season anime list, then give the first few episodes of this upcoming anime a chance.

More updates on this anime very soon!

Source: Matan Web.

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