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New Gourmet Anime Titled Isekai Shokudo Coming this Summer

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Here’s an interesting concept to check out, a “gourmet fantasy” anime adaptation which will be coming this summer and titled “Isekai Shokudo” a.k.a.“Restaurant to Another World.” Based on the light novels written by Junpei Inuzuka and illustrated by Katsumi Enami the story is set in a 50-year-old restaurant known as the Western Cuisine Cat Restaurant, located in a small corner of a shopping area.

From Mondays to Fridays, this a but an ordinary eatery like any other. However, when Saturday rolls in, the doors of the restaurant become a gateway to other worlds and customers of other cultures and races get a chance to experience the taste of Western food.

Currently a teaser visual depicting the restaurant’s doors being in another world and a list of staff has been revealed. Masato Jinbo, recognized for his multiple episode directing works such as for “Hayate the Combat Butler!” and “Maid-sama!” along with other staff work, will be working as the series’ director and series composer.

For the character design, there will be two people to work on it, known largely for having done key animation work for a variety of anime such as for episode 65 of the fantasy series “Cadrcaptor Sakura” and having designed the characters for the comedy series involving magical girls, “Nurse Witch Komugi R”, Takao Sano is one of the artist to work on the characters of the series.

Along with them is Keiichi Sano, also known for not only a number of key animation work but chief animation as well, such as for the science-fiction series involving espers, “A Certain Magical Index” and having designed the characters for the supernatural anime “Strike the Blood” will be the second character designer of the series.

No details have been released yet on the other staff or cast that will be working for the production; but it has been confirmed that there is an official homepage and Twitter account to keep track of the series progress.

For any other details, check out Crunchyroll News

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