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New Orginal Video Anime in Production for "Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!"

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The unique anime featuring magical boys makes its return this year as a confirmation was made this Saturday on the evening session of the “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! All Star!” event that coming this summer, an original video anime (OVA) has been green lit for “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!”

First released in Japan in January 2015, entitled “Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!” the overall story of the franchise takes place in an city called Binan, located somewhere in Japan. In the high school knownas Binan High School, there is a club called the “Earth Defense Club” where the members do absolutely nothing.

One day while two club members named Atsushi Kinugawa and En Yufuin were relaxing with a soak in the hot tub of the Kurotamayu bathhouse, a strange but adorable pink beast named Wombat appears before them. He pleads to them “I want to save this planet… can you please lend me your strength?" to the two unnerved boys as the beast speaks to them about saving the world with the power of love.

Suddenly the party is joined by Yumuto Hakone, the son of the bathhouse owner, who upon seeing Wombat chases the pink beast screaming “Let me fluff you up!” and the matter of world saving was put aside for that moment.

Still it was not over as the following day in school the two members are caught once more by Wombat and this time with the other club members Io Naruko and Ryu Zaou as well as Yumuto Hakone. Together the boys are clasped with bracelets and before they know it, they inexplicably become “Battle Lovers,” the heirs to the throne of love.

Currently there is no other news in regards to the staff or cast that will be working on the production. However, it has been confirmed that the OVA will only be limited screenings in theatres for the OVA.

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