'K-ON!' Tops Anime Poll With Same-Face Characters

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Admit it— sometimes we do get the feeling that some of the anime that we watch almost have very similar character faces.

In a poll conducted in the Goo Ranking website, it revealed that K-ON! ranked number one in the anime poll of anime series with same face characters. The site opened the poll in January 1 and closed it January 22 gathering a total of 5,001 participants. Aside from the K-ON, other anime series including Yuruyuri, Mr. Otsomatsu, Captain Tsubasa, and Sazae-san made it into the poll rankings

Below are the full Top 20 results:

K-ON! (564 votes)

Mr. Osomatsu (542 votes)

Yuruyuri (403 votes)

Captain Tsubasa (381 votes)

Touch (378 votes)

Sazae-san (279 votes)
Attack on Titan (187 votes)
Love Live! (139 votes)
Clannad (124 votes)
Sword Art Online (119 votes)
Nisekoi (118 votes)
Kuroko’s Basketball (117 votes)
Gintama (tied at #12 with 117 votes)
Is the order a rabbit? (tied at #12 with 117 votes)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (tied at #12 with 117 votes)
Sailor Moon (85 votes)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (tied at #16 with 85 votes)
Kan Colle (79 votes)
Ranma 1/2 (71 votes)
Girl Friend BETA (55 votes)

Do you agree to the list?

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