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Manga Recommendation - ‘Shishunki Bitter Change’ takes body swapping story to another level

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Gender-bender, body-swapping in particular, has been one of the most sought genres associated with comedy. We enjoy the misunderstandings, the hilarious scenarios, and of course, the inner awkward moments created due to the supernatural phenomenon of exchanging bodies.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably interested in finding a new gender-bender manga to read, or at least a new interesting manga to quench your boredom. Whether that is or that is not the case, you should read Masayoshi’s Shishunki Bitter Change, which offers you the usual comedic features everyone wants in a gender-bender theme but of course, in another hooking manner.

Below, you can check a[n as-much-as-possible] non-spoiler review of manga.

The body-swapping in Shishunki Bitter Change occurred when the main characters, Yuuta Kimura and Yui Ootsuka, were still grade schoolers. And even after trying so many times, all their attempts to go back to their own bodies failed – even after so many years.

Yuuta Kimura
Before the Swap: An energetic, brash young boy
After the Swap: A quiet but smart guy who is popular with girls

Yui Ootsuka
Before the Swap: A young girl hated for being a “disciplinarian”
After the Swap: A girl admired for her strong personality

Since the swap in grade school, Yuuta and Yui never went back to their own bodies – not even once. As they grow up, they had to keep the phenomenon secret from everyone and take care of each other’s bodies, which causes misunderstandings, the hilarious scenarios, and of course, the inner awkward moments that will make you crack.

But apart from the usual comedic side, Shishunki Bitter Change has also serious sides which balance everything out – like how they had to live with another’s family that has a completely different atmosphere from their own, or how they desperately want to act who they really were but cannot for each other’s sake (taking note they the story’s setting started from grade school and then years after while growing up).

If you’re expecting hentai and heavy drama, however, this manga is more likely not for you.

And of course, a little warning before you start reading: there’s definitely going to be a shipping war between a part of yourself and another part of yourself.

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