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"Kirakira Precure a la Mode" Official Sites Reveals Release Date, New Visuals, Theme and Ending with Video Visual

The anime community has multiple shows that are both popular yet cliché at the same time, shows that involves magical girls ae a well-known part of this spectrum. By far one of the biggest shows to continue this trend of pretty/cute girls transforming into heroes with bright and colourful costumes to save the day is the “Pretty Cure” a.k.a “Precure” series. First showing in 2004 as “Futari wa Pretty Cure” a.k.a “We are Pretty Cure” as its first series the anime currently has over thirteen series under its belt.

Now a fourteenth series is to be added to the list and its name is “Kirakira Precure a la Mode” a.k.a “Sparkling Pretty Cure a la Mode”. According to the Toei Animation’s website for the show, the series’ theme is to be a crossover of colourful sweets with cute and cool animals where the story follows six girls running a sweets shop facing off evil in the form of evil fairies in order to protect their beloved sweets.

The names of these six girls and their roles are as follows; starting with Ichika Usami, a girl who enjoys shortcake and whose alter ego is known as Cure Whip and has a rabbit motif. Another character known to have enjoy pudding and has a squirrel motif is Himari Arisugawa, otherwise known as Cure Custard. Following the trend of fondness for sweet treats with a liking towards ice cream is the girl with a lion motif, Aoi Tategami a.k.a Cure Gelato.

The fourth character of this group is known as Yukari Kotozume and otherwise Cure Macaron with a cat motif and enjoys macaroons. Having a fondness for chocolate and has a dog motif is the final member of the group is Akira Kenjō a.k.a Cure Chocolate. And lastly, though not part of the group is recognized as a main character is Perokin, a fairy who is described to love sweets.

As of Monday the official website has announced that the anime is to premier on February 5 at 8:30 a.m. on the ABC and TV Asahi channels and their affiliates. Additional to this they have also released new visuals, staff members, and theme songs which will be “SHINE!! Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode” for the opening theme by Yuri Komagata (Mangirl!) and “Let’s La Cooking ☆ Showtime” for the ending theme to be performed by Miyamoto (Yes! Precure 5).

For further details and a look into the Video Visual check out AnimeNewsNetwork

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