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New Studio "Studio Ponoc" Releases it's first ever feature lenght film"Mary and the Witch's Flower"

With a new studio comes a new film as former producer of Studio Ghibli Yoshiaki Nishimura comes back with his first feature length anime film “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” a.k.a “Mary To Majo no Hana” from his new studio founded on April 15, 2015, “Studio Ponoc” and is set to premier in summer 2017. Based on Mary Stewart’s book “The Little Broomstick” the film has had various talented artist work in its production such as Director of “Arriety” and “When Marnie was There” Hiromasa Yonebayashi acting as director of the film and Takatsugu Muramatsu music composer for “When Marnie Was There” to work on the film’s music.

According to the summary of the book on which the film is based on the story follows of Mary, who one day followed a black cat named Tibs to a strange flower. Afterwards she finds a small broomstick and upon grabbing it finds to her astonishment the broom jumping into action and before she knows it she is soaring into the air and leading her towards to Endor College.
There she discovers the terrible truth of their experiments of transforming animals into mutants and caging them. Before she could find out more the broom takes off but incidentally leaves Tibs behind causing him to be captured. The following day she returns to the college grounds to save Tibbs and in turn frees all the animals resulting in becoming a target for the people behind the experiments.

Prior to the production of the film though the studio worked on anime commercials for West Japan Railway Company a.k.a JR West. Now with the upcoming release of this film confirmed expectations are most likely placed onto Yoshiaki having come from a highly recognized studio such as Ghibli and having to recover from his “faux pas” prior to leaving “Studio Ghibli”. For now there has been a release of a teaser trailer for the upcoming film.

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