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'Sakurada Reset' Trailer and Theme Song Preview Released!

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Yutaka Kono’s teen science-fiction/fantasy light novel series Sakurada Reset is getting live action movie adaptations slated for March 25 (first film titled Kako o Torimodosu – Zenpen) and May 13 (second film titled Mirai o Inoru – Kohen) premiere dates in Japan.

The trailer for the movie and a preview of flumpool’s theme song titled “Last Call” have been released in its official website last Friday. You can check out the video below:

To give you a little synopsis of the novel, it centers on two high school students Kei Asai and Misora Haruki as the they live in the town of Sakurada where majority of the population possess special powers. Kei holds the ability to accurately remember anything he hears and sees while Misora has the ability to turn back time for a maximum of three days.

Here is a list of the some of the official cast for this two-part live action film:

Yuina Kuroshima (top photo, left) as the female lead Misora Haruki

Shūhei Nomura (top photo, right) as the male lead Kei Asai

Bottom row, from left to right:

Yūna Taira as Sumire Sōma, a classmate who was dealt a tragedy during a “reset”

Kentarō as guitar-playing and singing Tomoki Nakano

Tina Tamashiro as Yōka Murase, who possesses super strength

Yuri Tsunematsu as Eri Oka

For more information about this movie, check out Anime News Network

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