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Masashi Ebara and Hiroya Ishimaru to Cast in One 'Piece' Anime

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On Sunday, One Piece will be on its 768th episode and according to its official website, they are casting two awesome people to play the characters Raizo and Oden. These are none other than Masashi Ebara and Hiroya Ishimaru respectively.

The anime is currently in the Zou Arc which premiered in July 28 (Episode 751). One Piece also featured an anime original short “Silver Mine Arc” which takes place after the end of the Dressrosa Arc and before the Zou Arc.

Before this role, Ebara is also know for being the seiyuu of Shakugan no Shana‘s Alastor and Naruto’s Might Guy (Guy-sensei). Hiroya Ishimaru provided the voices for Professor Hazuki of Dancouga and Koji from Magzinger Z.

With that total number of episodes so far, One Piece still continues to captivate its fans with its ongoing and growing franchise.

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