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'Megami Meguri' Tutorial and Opening Movies Released!

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Megami Meguri (Goddess Tour) is a Nintendo 3DS game by CAPCOM now out in Japan. Taro Minoboshi (who designed the characters for the famous Japanese DS game Love Plus) also designed the characters for Megami.

In a recent post on its official website on Wednesday, they streamed a tutorial video as well as the opening movie. Instructions on how to purchase the game can be found in the videos below:

As of Thursday, the game is now released in Japan.

To give you a synopsis of this game, it centers on a girl named Tsukumo who is actually a spirit wishing to become a goddess. In order for her wish to come true, the player (you) must help her to travel around Japan and develop relationships. The player is given the role to “teach” Tsukumo words which she can use to converse with other people using a voice synthesis program called “Megami Speak Engine”.

For more information, you can check out Anime News Network.

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