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Second OnMusu Revealed: Mizuki Gero, the Megane Shoujo

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It seems that everyone who loves girls wearing eyeglasses must check the second of the OnMusu (literally, “hot spring girls”) as Mitsuki Gero was introduced last month. She’s the most eccentric girl of the idol group and it is said that once she takes her glasses off, you can barely resist her charm. She was illustrated by Ren Sakuragi and her voice actress is Yurika Endo.

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The Gero Hot Springs
Confucian poet Hayashi Razan referred Gero Onsen as one of the three best hot springs on the Land of the Rising Sun. And even centuries have passed and the town is quite urbanized, it retained its special quality which garnered a million visitors every year. Thus, earning the prestige to be rated as one of the best hot spring resorts in Japan. Its name Gero , which literally means lower bath, is quite unique because it is pronounced the same as the slang term for “vomit”.

Gero is situated between Nagoya and Takayama, about an hour south of Takayama. Its location makes it a convenient stopover,and if you find yourself on Takayama Festival and having difficulty in finding lodging in Takayama. There are three public bath houses available in town and there is also an open-air bath at the south end of Gero Bridge. However, the open-air bath has no facilities and is exposed to the bridge above. Aside from these, there are also many baths located in the numerous ryokan and a food way to sample some is by purchasing a spa pass. The spa pass gets you three visits to the baths of any of about thirty participating ryokan.
Aside from hot springs, you can visit the Onsenji Temple which worships Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of healing. Yakushi Nyorai is credited to restoring the flow of hot spring water after it was stopped by a large earthquake. From the temple gate, you can get a good view of the city and Hida River. Another attraction of Geso is the Gassho Village where an open air museum is situated. If ever you are tired, don’t worry because there are free footbaths dotted on the area where you can relax after a whole day of walking.

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If you want to get more updates, you can visit Onsen Musume sites listed below:

◦ Onsen Musume Official Site: ( http://onsen-musume.jp/ )
◦ Onsen Musume Official Twitter: ( https://twitter.com/onsen_musume_jp )
◦ Onsen Musume Official Facebook Page: ( https://www.facebook.com/onsenmusumejp/ )

And also special thanks to this website for a brief overview of the Gero Onsen. ( http://www.japan-guide.com )

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