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Live Action Pokemon Film is to be Directed by "Goosebumps" Rob Letterman

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A new hand in Japanese entertainment in Legendary Entertainment’s upcoming live action Pokemon film appears with Rob Letterman as acting director as announced by Entertainment News Source “Deadline”. Joining Letterman in the production of the film are screenwriters Alex Hirsch and Nicole Perlman.

All three of these people have been recognized for their works with Letterman having directed films such as “Shark Tale” and “Monster VS Aliens”, Alex Hirsch as creator of still popular show “Gravity Falls” and Nicole Perlman as co-writer of the script of Marvel film “Guardians of the Galaxy” and other upcoming films such as Captain Marvel as well as co-developer to the upcoming third “Sherlock Holmes” film.

Before the production of the film over three production companies had been trying to get rights to the films, Warner Bros., Sony, and Legendary Entertainment and it was through an auction that the later was able to gain said rights. It is said that production of the film shall start at 2017 and features the story of Nintendo 3DS Game Meitantei Pikachu character Detective Pikachu.

With all of the upcoming live action adaptations productions cropping up it was only a matter of time before “Pokemon” joined the fold. A unique thing to be found on this film however is that it is the only Pokemon film to not feature protagonist Ash Ketchum, which is somewhat unusual as Ash has become somewhat of a fixture to the franchise. On the other hand this gives the film the opportunity to bring in brand new characters into the film and a new story to look forward to for the fans.

Still the production is in its early stages and no concrete trailer has even been released yet so the chances of the ever present Ash to be the protagonist still stands.

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