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Kenjirou Hata Teases 'Hayate the Combat Butler' Fans with New Manga Series!

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With all these upcoming anime and manga announcements, it seems that Hayate the Combat Butler fans also have something to look forward to as well.

In the first 2017 issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, Hayate the Combat Butler creator Kenjirou Hata stated that he wanted to create another new series under the franchise and to release it by next year. With the manga now on its final arc, this announcement would surely keep the fans on their feet.

The manga was first released in the said magazine in 2004. It recently went on a short hiatus this year but returned with a recent chapter release on November 14. Due to the manga’s immense popularity, it has been published internationally as well as been adapted into a four-season anime series.

Aside from Hayate, Hata also released a new manga series titled Ad Astra per Aspera in September last year.

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