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TV Anime Short 'Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki' to Air This January

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An announcement by Studio 4°C on Tuesday reveal that they are in collaboration with Gunma TV in producing the anime TV short titled Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force – Gunma no Heiwa o Negau Season. It will be aired in the said channel starting January 9 every weekday on 6:35pm (Japan Standard Time). Check out the series teaser below:

So basically the anime short is about the random adventures of sukiyaki ingredients. Below are the names of the official cast who will be part of this anime short series.

Shōhei Abe as Wagyu, Shiitake

Tomu Miyazaki as Tofu, Professor Warishita

Sugatsu Kanayama as Negi

Sachiko Sasaki as Shungiku

Shūko Nemoto as Shirataki

Yūsuke Satō as Hakusai

Gappai as Choux Cream

For more information, you can check out Anime News Network

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