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New Code Geass Sequel Confirmed

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Ten years had passed since Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion had been aired. The series was highly praised that it received a second season which then followed by spin offs featuring new characters. Last Sunday, on Maihama, Japan, it was announced that series will get a true sequel. The story is set a few years after Zero Requiem and it is still not revealed whether this will be released as a TV animé or film. In addition to this, a three-part movie was also announced to be released. This is composed of a compilation of the two first seasons of the series, including unaired scenes and voice over that had been rerecorded. It is expected that the first movie will be released around January 2017.

Year 2010, Japan had fell on its knees after its swift defeat from the Holy Britannia Empire. In a society of Neo-Darwinism, Japan was renamed Area 11 and its citizens were derogatorily called as Elevens. Just before the Land of the Rising Sun lost its war, Lelouch vi Britannia, along with his sister, Nunnaly was exiled on the same nation. Years later, after meeting with a mysterious woman, which he later known by the name of C.C., he acquired Geass, the Power of the Kings. Upon realization of its vast potential and swift realization of his revenge, he created the masked figure of Zero and lead the Black Knights on a war against the Britannians.

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