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Recommendations: Shoujo Romance Manga with Childhood Friends Theme

For some people, falling in love with your childhood friend is sometimes the best, and other times, the worst, kind of feeling you can ever had. Most of the time, it’s both, especially if your childhood friend stayed as your best friend throughout the years.

The confusion between friendship and love, the one-sided affection as time passes by—even if it’s with you childhood friend, falling in love will never be simple.

If you seek a shoujo romance manga where the main characters were childhood friends, with of course, a great story plot and beautiful art, this could be a good list for you.

Check out the non-spoiler summaries below:

LAST GAME by Amano Shinobu

Last Game is a funny yet sweet manga about childhood friends Yanagi and Kujou. They first met in kindergarten and Yanagi definitely hated her for beating him in everything they do. Yanagi vowed to beat Kujou someday so he stayed close to her. For Yanagi, Kujou was the rival he wanted to beat. But for Kujou, who never noticed the rivalry, Yanagi was her only friend.

 photo 1 Last Game A_zpslxxtwd8k.jpg

One thing that made Last Game more special than other manga is that the story was told in a guy’s point of view. As the story progress, an incident made Yanagi realize that his feelings for Kujou wasn’t just a plain rivalry anymore. Plus, the story was recently completed so it won’t leave you hanging.

 photo 1 Last Game B_zpsk9cxkvht.png

14-SAI NO KOI by Mizuutani Fuuka

As the name suggests, 14-sai no Koi is story about two 14-years old middle school students who had been best friends since grade school. Due to puberty, they looked physically more mature than their fellow classmates. Their looks also forced them to act mature in front of others. However, when alone together, they’re able to become true to themselves.

 photo 2 14-sai-no-koi- A_zpsqo3zxejf.jpg

Aside from the main characters, the side characters’ love stories and circumstances will also definitely make your heart awe.

 photo 2 14-sai-no-koi- B_zpsvljx9vhi.jpg


The story is about two high school boys and two high school girls who were completely opposites of one another. Yuna, who always lack confidence and self-esteem, has been childhood friends with Kazuomi, a very innocent yet frank guy. Akari, who is somewhat calculative and can act naturally around everyone, became friends with them. And then there’s Rio, who Yuna preferred to both not and meet again. Rio also seemed to have a mysterious relationship with Akari.

 photo 3 Omoi A_zpsqzjoedzf.jpg

Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare is created by the same author of Strobe Edge and Ao Haru no Ride.

 photo 3 Omoi B_zpsehsttujv.jpg

STARDUST WINK by Haruta, Nana

Anna has been childhood friends with Sou and Hinata. Sou and Hinata were both good looking which made Anna feel somewhat “out of place.” Constantly, she’d been hearing people whispering “who’s that plain girl beside those two good-looking boys?” And it’s definitely a usual phrase that irritated her always.

 photo 4 stardust-wink-A_zpscnpqfqby.jpg

Upon entering middle school, Anna got himself a boyfriend and under some circumstances, it caused complication with her relationship with Sou. Hinata, on the other hand, seemed to found his someone too, much to Anna and Sou’s surprise.

 photo 4 stardust-wink-B_zpsi8zeu9ek.jpg

Any other childhood friends-themed manga you find interesting? Comment below and let us know!

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