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'Girls und Panzer' OVA to be Released in the West Next Year!

Sentai Filmworks have announced on Tuesday that they will be releasing Girls und Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle! (Girls und Panzer: Kore ga Hontō no Anzio-sen Desu!) Original Video Animation (OVA) next year.

It is slated for a March 21, 2017 release in a Blu-Ray and DVD Disc Combo pack which contains both the Orignal Japanese audio and English dub.

The OVA made its debut back in 2014 which earned 34 million yen in its early screenings in Japan. The story is centered on Miho and her classmates preparing for battle in the 2nd National Senshadō Championships against Anzio High School.

Sentai Filmworks is also the same company who previously released the Girls und Panzer TV anime series and the six OVA episodes in DVD and Blu Ray. They also did the English dub for the Girls und Panzer der Film movie which premiered in the US last week.

For more information about the OVA, you can check out Anime News Network.

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