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Confirmed Anime Adaptation in Spring 2017 "Sagrada Reset"

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Should you be fond of anime that involves the supernatural and time travel then this upcoming anime is a note of interest. Based on the light novels entitled “Sakurada Reset”, written by Yutaka Kono and illustrated by You Shiina the adaptation is set to be released in Spring 2017 and to be recognized under the alternative spelling of “Sagrada Reset”.

The story tells of a town called Sakurada where the people all possess a supernatural ability. The protagonists of this story are Ken Asai with his perfect memory and time traveller Misoka Haruki who has the ability to set time back three days. With their abilities they are able to traverse through time without losing their memories of the future. As such they wish to use their powers in order to save a classmate who had tragically dies two years before only to be blocked by a secretive organization that monitors the town and the time line.


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