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'Kantai Collection' Film to Premiere in Japan this Weekend

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Teitokus get ready! The official premiere date of the Kantai Collection movie will be this November 26 with a total duration of 93 minutes. Audiences who get to see the movie on its week of screening will receive a limited edition badge of the film logo.

Read through below for the official cast and trailer for this epic movie based from the popular Japanese web and mobile game! Sally go!

Sumire Uesaka

Saki Fujita

Yuka Iguchi

Ayane Sakura

Ayana Taketatsu

Nao Tōyama

Iori Nomizu

Rina Hidaka

Yumi Tanibe

Yuka Ōtsubo

Megumi Nakajima

Aya Suzaki

Sarah Emi Bridcutt

Yui Horie

Ayako Kawasumi

For more information about the Kancolle movie, check out Anime News Network

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