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'Detective Conan' Real Escape Game to be Added in Universal Cool Japan 2017

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From January 13 to June 25, 2017, Universal Studios Japan‘s Cool Japan 2017 event will be adding another series to its attractions alongside Attack on Titan’s the Real 4D 2, Monster Hunter the Real, and Evangelion XR Ride: it’s none other than Detective Conan!

In this unique escape game based on the popular Detective Conan franchise, players will have to coordinate with each other as well the characters of the series in completing puzzles, tasks, and challenges. The main mission is to diffuse a bomb being left by a heinous crime organization. If you complete all the missions successfully, then you conquered the game!

For those who are going to Japan and want to experience this, it will be held at Stage 18 of the said theme park with only a separate ticket purchase as a requirement.

For more information, you can check out Anime News Network.

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