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'Pokemon Go' Brings Players to Affected Quake-Hit Prefecture

Although the Pokemon Go hype seemed to have declined as months go by, there are still thousands of loyal players who roam through different places to achieve the primary game goal “to catch them all”.

As a way to boost the economy of Japan’s northeastern prefectures (Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima) that were affected by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the game launched a special Lapras event where the chances of getting the water and ice Pokemon are high. This gathered a total of 10,000 people to visit the Miyagi prefecture on Saturday.

Aside from this event being implemented by Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go festivities were also held the prefectures to make sure visitors will have a good as they stay for the game’s event.

“More than five years have passed since the earthquake disaster, and the weathering of affected areas is continuing little by little. A difficult situation continues, but I would like people to visit the affected areas starting with Ishinomaki two or three times for this opportunity.” Yoshihiro Murai, the governor of Miyagi said as he welcomed all the Pokemon Go trainers.

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